Warlocks in Quarantine

Ever since we tearfully left the Finger Lakes Regional, the Warlocks have missed robotics and the community it creates. While we were grateful to compete at the Miami Valley Regional, and ultimately win the Creativity Award, we missed having the competition with our local friendly teams in Rochester.

However, just because the season did not end, as usual, doesn’t mean the Warlocks are alone. Our seniors have crafted their senior speeches, waiting to read them to one another when we can all meet again. Our head mentors have been diligently working on creating a virtual banquet to honor the team’s accomplishments this year, as well as recognize our Dean List’s and Woodie Flowers nominees.

The Warlocks, even though we cannot see each other, are still the community we’ve always been. We hope you and your loved ones are staying safe during these challenging times and reaching out to those communities who support you. 

Katie 05/16/2020

Build Season Week 4 Update 2020

On Saturday, the Warlocks had its first scouting meeting. Just as every year our scouts watched a PowerPoint presentation, run by our scouting mentor Adam. After the presentation, the scouts had to take a test to see what they learned from the presentation. In the next few weeks, there will be a second scouting test that is geared toward the game. The scouts will use the information they learn to scout robots at our competitions.

During the week, our CAD team worked on designing the climber and shooter for our robot. They have been working as quickly and efficiently as possible, in order to get parts to the build team. The programmers accomplished a lot throughout the week. They have written the controls for the robot, along with starting to write and test our autonomous code. They have also started to wire the electronics control board, and started programming the color an light sensors. In the shop, the build kids have been assembling the major parts of our robot. During the week they put together the drive train, intake, shooter,  climber, and the component of our robot that will allow us to hold multiple power cells at a time.

Over the week, the PR team has submitted Chairman’s and has started to create this years video for the award. 

Lacie 02/04/2020

Build Season Week 3 Update 2020

This past week the sub-teams having been working on multiple different things. In the shop, the build team has been building as many parts of the robot as they can. On Friday, the base for this years robot came in. Ian, the head of Build took two freshman to rivet the base. 

The CAD team has been developing a shooter for our robot. They also have been finalizing the sub-components.

Throughout the week, the Web team has been continuing to update our website in order to keep our readers updated. The PR team worked on the Chairman’s award. They worked on the short answer questions, along with this years essay.

The Warlocks are hoping to hand off the robot to the programmers and soon as they possibly can!

Lacie 01/30/2020

Build Season Week 2 Update 2020

During Week 2, the team has accomplished a lot. The build team has begun finalizing our prototype designs, while also starting to build the small pieces of this years robot.  Mentors and students have been working together well to ensure that our robot will be the best robot we can make. 

The CAD team led by Katie has built, and is in the process of finishing the CAD design of the robot.  In the next few weeks, the team will be working towards a finished robot to hand off to programmers. But before that, the CAD team will continue working hard to get a final design to our build team. We hope that this years robot will be better than last years robot.

The mentors have been helping students throughout the beginning weeks with anything that the students need. 

Lacie 01/21/2020

Build Season Week 1 Update 2020

Throughout the first week, the Warlocks have been testing different ideas to decide what functions we want our robot to have. The build team has been working hard building and testing some of the different aspects that we could incorporate into our robot. They have also starting to build a few of the field elements for our makeshift field.

Although some CAD students are still learning the ins and outs of CAD, they have also started to design some different bases for this years robot. In the first week the programmers have been training the new students. They have also been testing out a new drive base.

We look forward to the next few weeks of build season and the competition that we will face at our regionals. We wish all teams the best of luck as they begin to build their robots for the season. We’ll see you all at the competitions!


Lacie 01/14/2020

Build Season Week 6 Update 2019

In week 6, the team is working to finish the final aspects of our robot, Buzz Lightyear! 

Although Build isn’t completely done on Buzz, they are close to finishing the final few things that aren’t done. This year our robot was a little overweight, so Build has been working on the best way to make weight. They have however handed Buzz off to the programmers, so they can start doing what they do best. The programmers have started to work on our autonomous code, to help us during the Sandstorm period.

We have set up half a field in the high school’s cafeteria so our drivers can get in some practice before the season starts. On Sunday, some team members are heading to the Rochester Rally, to observe the different teams, and get an idea of how the games are going to go.

The Warlocks would like to thank all of the teachers, mentors, parents, sponsors, and the students that struggled through Build Season, and helped to make this possible.

Lacie 02/16/2019

Build Season Week 5 Update 2019

During Week 5, the team has been working very hard to finish the robot on time. Since we lost three days last week, everyone is chipping in as much as they can to help make up the time we lost.  

 Our programmers have been pretty productive this week. Although they can’t program the robot quite yet, they programmed the LED lights so the robot will be able to track the alignment lines on the field. They also finished programming all of the controls on the Xbox controllers that the drive team uses to control all of the robots functions.

The build team, which is led by Ian and Jeremy, continued to work on our robot. The pneumatic cylinders that will help us climb and descend the different stages in the habitat zone have been attached to the robot, along with the wheels. We have come up with a great way to collect and score the hatches and cargo, and have started to finish the final details. The CAD team worked on redesigning a few of the smaller components of the robot and are super close to finishing the final drawing.

Mary and Katie have finished and submitted the Chairman’s essay and short answer questions, along with the Deans List and Woodie Flowers presentations. This year we got our idea for Chairman’s from a dream Katie had, and we are very excited to present it this year at the competitions. 

Mrs. Vasko has been working on the bumpers for most of the week, and as she says, “The bumpers are the most important part.”   

Our team currently doesn’t have a name for our robot, but we have started to brainstorm some great ideas! 

Lacie 02/09/2019

Build Season Week 4 Update 2019

In Week 4, the Warlocks only had a few days to work because the Polar Vortex hit the Eastern Coast causing us to miss 3 days of school. During the few days this week that we did have to work, the build team put together some transmissions and planned to continue working on putting together the robot. The Polar Vortex did set us back a few days; however, we will be staying late for the rest of the build season so we can catch up and get our robot done on time.

On Saturday at the beginning of Week 4, the Warlocks began training the scouts for the competition season. As always, the scouts watched a PowerPoint presentation and then took a test to demonstrate that they understood the PowerPoint and the purpose of scouting. In the coming weeks, the scouts will take another test that is geared toward more game-related information. Scouts will then use this information during the competition season to track all the robots on the field.

Kate 02/02/2019

Build Season Week 3 Update 2019

The Warlocks officially finalized their robot design in Week 3! We have kept on schedule this far in the season by beginning to build our robot, beginning with the base. A few of the students are learning how to rivet the base and then they will return to continue working on the rest of the robot. Each subteam has been working hard to make sure that we will make the deadline.

This week we are highlighting the build team. The build team, led by Jeremy and Ian, has been prototyping and now that the base has arrived, they have begun to build our competition robot! Since build season is about halfway over, the build team is beginning to stay late into the night to ensure our robot will be ready on time. 

Kate 01/26/2019

Build Season Week 2 Update 2019

In Week 2, the Warlocks have continued prototyping and have continued to finalize design plans. Mentors and students have been working together well to ensure that our robot will be the best robot we can make. Any questions that any student or mentor has, are answered quickly so that the build process can continue.

In the coming weeks, the team will be moving towards a final robot to pass off to the programmers. Once the robot is completed, the programmers work to get all the code loaded onto the robot and to have it running smoothly. We hope that this year our robot will do even better than OTIS did last year.

This week we are highlighting the CAD team. This week the CAD team, led by Tyler and Katie, has been working on the design plans so they can pass the drawings off to the build team. Throughout the week students and mentors have come to them for dimensions for parts of the robot and the CAD team has been making sure to get them accurate dimensions while continuing to finish the robot design.

Kate 01/19/2019