This Year’s Game:

Destination: Deep Space


Destination: Deep Space Presented by the Boeing Company is an outer space themed game in which the robots work to load hatch panels and cargo on the rockets and cargo ship before returning to their hab zone to climb at the end of the match. Teams gain points by placing the hatch panels in the appropriate locations and filling the bays with cargo. This year’s game brings a twist during the “autonomous” period. Teams now have the option to either pre-program their robots or drive their robots during the first 15 seconds of the match. However, this first 15 seconds is now known as the “Sandstorm Period” instead of the “Autonomous Period”. During this period, a screen is pulled down in front of the alliance wall, which makes sure that the drivers can’t see. Then the drivers must either rely on their autonomous code or on a camera to help them drive.

Additional points are achieved during the Sandstorm Period and End Game. In the Sandstorm Period, robots are positioned on either Level 1 or Level 2 of the hab zone. Points are achieved by driving off the starting Level and then crossing the hab zone line. In the End Game, points are gained by climbing on either Level 1, 2, or 3 in the hab zone. More points are awarded the higher up your robot climbs.

Ranking points are earned during qualification matches in multiple ways. One was to gain a ranking point is by completing at least one rocket with six hatch panels and six scored cargo. Another way is to gain a ranking point is to score at least 15 hab climb bonus points. And as always, a win is worth 2 ranking points and a tie is worth 1 ranking point. Alliances can win up to four ranking points per match and doing so will move a team up the rankings quickly.

The details of the 2019 game were fully disclosed on January 5, 2019. Watch the full game reveal broadcast here:

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Many Destination: Deep Space Regional and District competitions are webcast as they happen each week from February 27 through April 13. The competitions are usually shown on Friday and Saturday, although some 2-day competitions are Thursday and Friday. A list of all competitions can be found here.

The Championships are broadcasted, as well, Houston on April 17-20 and  Detroit on April 24-27.

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