This Year’s Game:

Charged Up

Charged Up is a game about using your robot to power up your community and creating links to make sustainable energy. Robots achieve this by moving cones and cubes onto their grids. At the end, robots will attempt to dock at their charging station and activate it, done by balancing the charging station with robots on it.

During the 15 second autonomous period, robots follow pre-programmed instructions and try to gain points by moving out of the community, putting cones and cubes in their grid, and docking at their charging station. Additional points are scored in the autonomous period compared to the tele-operated period.  Throughout the rest of the match, alliances continue to score points by scoring cones and cubes in their grid. Additional cubes and cones are introduced to the field by robots going to their substation and obtaining the pieces from the human players. At the end of the game, robots dock at their charging station

Ranking points are earned during qualification matches in multiple ways. A win will always be worth 2 ranking points, creating 5 links (or 4 if three pieces are scored in each teams’ coopertition grid) will be worth 1 ranking point, and 26 total points scored on the charging station will be worth 1 ranking point.

The details of the 2023 game were fully disclosed on January 7, 2023.

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Watch Charged Up Live Online

Many Charged Up Regional and District competitions are webcast as they happen each week from February 26 through April 8. The competitions are usually shown on Friday and Saturday, although some 2-day competitions are Thursday and Friday. A list of all competitions can be found here.

The Championships are broadcasted, as well, on April 19th to April 22rd.

Many competitions that are not listed on the above broadcasts are independently provided. The Blue Alliance GameDay aggregates all the video feeds that they know about in a convenient multi-panel system that lets you watch several at once. This is our preferred way to watch!