Meet Our Team! – Freshmen




Years on team: 1

Sub teams: Build 

Hobbies: Painting And Crocheting.

Future Plans/ Career Goals: Vet technician/something in animal science.

Favorite Memory/ Memories about Robotics?: Making robot prototypes.

Reason for joining the team: I was in robotics in 7th and 8th grade and wanted to continue being part of robotics throughout high school.

Goals for this Year: Help make a good, working robot that scores high in competitions.





Years on team: 1

Sub teams: Build 

Hobbies: Playing saxophone, Crafting, Reading, and being in nature.

Future Plans/ Career Goals: Botany, Herbalism, or Theater.

Favorite Memory/ Memories about Robotics?: Finally getting the prototype robot the hang on its own and celebrating with the other people who worked on it too.

Reason for joining the team?: To learn about building and to meet new people.

Goals for this Year: To learn more about tools and how to make prototypes.





Years on team: 1

Sub teams: Build 

Hobbies: Play piano, build things, write music, and read

Future Plans/ Career Goals: I hope to be able to go into the professional music industry but if not that a mechanical engineer.

Favorite Memory/ Memories about Robotics?: I haven’t really been on the team very long so there isn’t really anything super memorable but I hope to have a lot of great memories in the future!!!

Reason for joining the team?: I love to build things and do things with my hands.

Goals for this Year: Shadow all of the older robotics members to learn more about what to do on the team.





Years on team: 1

Sub teams: Programming 

Hobbies: Gaming, programming

Future Plans/ Career Goals: Go to college for a computer science degree

Favorite Memory/ Memories about Robotics?: First time driving the robot, and playing poker when the robot code was done

Reason for joining the team?: I’ve been in robotics for 5 years

Goals for this Year: to get good grades