STIMS Registration Guide

STIMS (the Student Team Information Management System) is FIRST’s official system for registering and becoming a member of an FRC team. All students who are participating on an FRC team are required to register within STIMS (

One of the features of this system is to allow parents to complete a photo consent and release form for their child prior to attending any official FIRST events. Completing this required photo consent form allows FIRST to use photos of students at official events for marketing and promotional purposes. FIRST requires all participants, including both students and mentors, to complete and sign this form.

Registering in STIMS and having your parents complete the consent form is a complex process, and requires students to coordinate with their parents to fully complete the process. Fortunately, we have created a guide for both new and returning students to help navigate this process with ease. These tutorials are available at the links below:

New Students:
Download the STIMS guide for new students

Returning Students:
Download the STIMS guide for returning students

*Note* Tutorials are now updated for the 2018 season!

Tips to Remember

  • FIRST requires that the student and parent have separate email addresses. If you don’t, just simply create one for the purpose of registering.
  • Returning students need to log in with their existing account from the previous season. Do not create a new account!
  • I would extremely recommend using your full student ID (with the 900) as both the parent and student password for the account. You will be required to complete this process every year you are a member of this team, so at least you won’t forget your password.
  • If you do reset your password, set it to your school ID (with the 900). This way you will remember it next year.
  • If you or your parent deletes one of the emails with the activation link inside, you can re-send it by clicking “I forgot my password” and entering your email on the login screen.
  • It may take a few minutes to receive emails from FIRST. Check your junk/spam folders to make sure they didn’t get caught by your email providers spam filters
  • Our team number is 1507 and the program we participate in is called FRC.
  • If you are over the age of 18, you are able to complete this entire consent form without a parent. So make sure you remember to sign the consent form at the end.