Meet Our Team! – Seniors


Name: Tyler

Years on team: 3

Sub teams: CAD

Hobbies: Fallout and Woodworking

Future Plans/ Career Goals: Project Manager at DARPA

Favorite Memory/Memories about Robotics: Meeting team 148 at the Denver Regional and getting robowrangled in a match together

Reason(s) for Joining the Team: I joined because I want to learn from the mentors on the team that work in the tech field in the real world.

Goals for this Year: to make drive team and go to worlds

Name: Jared

Years on team: 4

Sub teams: Electrical, Programming, Co-President

Hobbies: Basketball, Reading, Playing video games on my PS4, Ringing handbells in my church’s choir

Future Plans/ Career Goals: I plan on attending either Bucknell University or the Rochester Institute of Technology to pursue degrees in computer science and engineering.

Favorite Memory/Memories about Robotics: I have two favorite memories about robotics. The first (more short-term) is winning the Finger Lakes regional last season. This victory was special to me because our team had a strong robot that played a major role in winning, but we also picked great alliance partners who helped us out. I also enjoyed my role of technician for the team. The second (more long-term) includes all of the discoveries I have made while being a member of the programming team. These experiences have made me a more determined person and guided my potential career path. I am thankful to the mentors for guiding me on this journey.

Reason(s) for Joining the Team: I enjoyed my experience on robotics teams in 6th and 8th grade, so I wanted to continue in high school. I hoped to broaden my knowledge in engineering and programming, make lifelong friends, and compete in a thrilling after-school activity. Thankfully, all of these things have come true, and more.

Goals for this Year: I plan on building my ability to program in C++, learning to drive the robot successfully, and winning the FIRST Championship in Detroit!

 Name: Quinn

Years on team: 2

Sub teams: CAD

Hobbies: Soccer, Sleeping, Relaxing

Future Plans/ Career Goals: Going to college for electrical engineering

Favorite Memory/Memories about Robotics: Going to worlds last year

Reason(s) for Joining the Team: to see what engineering is like

Goals for this Year: go to worlds a second time

 Name: Mary

Years on team: 4

Sub teams: Awards and Public Relations

Hobbies: Band, Sleeping, Memeing

Future Plans/ Career Goals: Chemical Engineering or scientist of some sort

Favorite Memory/Memories about Robotics: In 2014, I went to St Louis for the Championships. That single event changed my life and it sparked my interest in robotics and engineering. In 2018, we won FLR, one of the best moments of my life thus far. I was so overcome with emotion I started crying. The photographer for the regional took this opportunity to take a picture of me, one that has been reposted numerous times and is well known by our team. Over all of my years on the team, I’ve befriended many students on my team and many on other teams, becoming close. Meeting these students and connecting with them has to be the best thing to ever have happened to me, relationships with my best friends sprouting from our shared passion for robotics.

Reason(s) for Joining the Team: In 2014, my older brother was on the team. The team had won FLR that year and they were going to worlds in St Louis. My family tagged along. St Louis had me in complete awe and the environment amazed me. My curiosity of what robotics consisted of was sparked and the rest is history.

Goals for this Year: To work well with other teams that have members I have befriended, to work as safety captain in the pits, and to train students to carry on work after I’ve gone.

Name: Bethany

Years on team: 4

Sub teams: Build and Public Relations

Hobbies: Band, Tennis, Girl Scouts

Future Plans/ Career Goals: to go to college, get a good job, and live comfortably

Favorite Memory/Memories about Robotics: Crying and screaming in a huddle with my fellow teammates after we won the Finger Lakes Regional.

Reason(s) for Joining the Team: To continue my robotics career, make new friends, and learn more about STEM.

Goals for this Year: To make it to Worlds, or to at least have a great final year.

Name: Kate

Years on team: 4

Sub teams: Awards, Public Relations, Scouting, Strategy, Drive Team, Website

Hobbies: Swimming, Track, Jazz Band, Band

Future Plans/ Career Goals: Ceramic/Glass Engineer

Favorite Memory/Memories about Robotics: One of my favorite memories was being the team representative for alliance selections and going out to the field to be picked for the #1 alliance at the Finger Lakes Regional. Another one of my favorite memories was doing alliance selection at Worlds.

Reason(s) for Joining the Team:I started doing robotics in 6th grade and I have a great love for math and science and I wanted to continue doing robotics well into the future.

Goals for this Year: I want to hopefully not lose my mind while being drive coach.

Name: Damian

Years on team: 1

Sub teams: Programming

Hobbies: Playing guitar and piano, reading, and playing table tennis.

Future Plans/ Career Goals: University at Buffalo

Favorite Memory/Memories about Robotics: I hope to learn what goes into making such a project as well as some programming, and learning how to work better with others.

Reason(s) for Joining the Team: I wanted to get a taste of programming before moving to college as I’m interested in doing something similar in college.

Goals for this Year: I plan on achieving an understanding of working together in a group as well as attaining a taste of programming and what goes into developing a robot as a team.

Name: Mitchell

Years on team: 1

Sub teams: Build and Public Relations

Hobbies: Baseball, Boating, Hunting, Pyrography

Future Plans/Career Goals: Environmental Scientist

What do you hope to learn on the team?: Everything I can from Ian

Reason for joining the team: I always had an interest in robotics and finally decided to pursue it with support from my friends Ian and Tyler

Goal for the year: I want the team to go to worlds this year.