Meet Our Team! – Seniors


Name: Katie

Years on team: 4

Sub teams: CAD, Public Relations, Awards, Scouting, Strategy, Drive Coach, Head of CAD and Scouting, and President

Hobbies: Mathematics, Percussion, Traveling the World

Future Plans/ Career Goals: I am looking to go to M.I.T. or the University of Rochester to major in mathematics and physics.

Favorite Memory/Memories about Robotics: My favorite memory of robotics is winning the Finger Lakes Regional in 2018. It took a lot of effort to design OTIS solo last year, and this made all of the hard work worth it. Running onto the field at the end of FLR to be handed our blue banner and metals was so overwhelmingly amazing, I can only hope to repeat that this season.

Reason(s) for Joining the Team: I joined the team 4 years ago to find a community of people who were just as passionate for STEM and its applications as I was.

Goals for this Year: My goal for this year is to win our first Woodie Flowers award.

Name: Jeremy

Years on team: 4

Sub teams: Build, Safety Captain, Head of Build, and Pit Crew

Hobbies: Clarinet/band, Swimming, Building, STEM

Future Plans/ Career Goals: Mechanical/Aerospace Engineer

Favorite Memory/Memories about Robotics: Sophomore year, after winning the Finger Lakes Regional, we received an invitation to attend Detroit for the World Championship. Here, we received the opportunity to compete against teams from all around the globe (with some setbacks) and watch the world finals at Ford Field (courtesy of Mr. Raymond). Watching those matches was extremely fun!

Reason(s) for Joining the Team: I hoped to expand my horizons regarding building and working with others in a collaborative environment. I was already a part of Mr. Raymond’s FTC team at North Park; the high school team seemed like a good fit for my interests.

Goals for this Year: As a senior, I hope to pass down essential building/machining skills and engineering mentalities down to the next generation of the team. I additionally hope we can build our robot more efficiently than last year as a lead member of the build team.

 Name: Alex

Years on team: 3

Sub teams: Build

Hobbies: Golfing, Mountain Biking, Camping

Future Plans/ Career Goals: To go to college for Mechanical Engineering

Favorite Memory/Memories: When the team went to Worlds in 2018

Reason(s) for Joining the Team: I wanted to gain more engineering experience

Goals for this Year: To help the team make it to Worlds this year

 Name: Luke 

Years on team: 4

Sub teams: Build and Pit Crew

Hobbies: Sports, Soccer, Swimming

Future Plans/ Career Goals: To go to college at R.I.T. or the University at Buffalo

Favorite Memory/Memories about Robotics: Going to the World Championships at Detroit in 2018

Reason(s) for Joining the Team: I wanted to gain more build experience 

Goals for this Year: To learn More about Robotics

Name: Ben

Years on team: 4

Sub teams: Electrical and Head of Programming

Hobbies: Playing Trumpet in Band, Gaming, Programming

Future Plans/ Career Goals: Computer engineer/ Embedded programmer

Favorite Memory/Memories about Robotics: Winning FLR, and getting to go to the World championships in Detroit

Reason(s) for Joining the Team: Robotics advances me towards my career

Goals for this Year: Going to IRI (Indiana Robotics Invitational)

Name: Ian

Years on team: 4

Sub teams: Head of Build, Vice President, and Pit Crew

Hobbies: Snowboarding, Disc Golf, Video Games

Future Plans/ Career Goals: Achieve a Masters degree in Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering

Favorite Memory/Memories about Robotics: Eating at Golden Corral with the drive team and charging Mr. Vasko

Reason(s) for Joining the Team: To learn more about technology and prepare myself for my future career.

Goals for this Year: To build a robot that runs like a dream.

Name: Lauren 

Years on team: 1

Sub teams: Public relations 

Hobbies: Drawing, Sleeping, Going out with friends

Future Plans/ Career Goals: To get the highest degree in arts and teaching that I can, and then teach at college level

What do you hope to learn on the team?: How to better use computers

Goals for this Year: To gain more STEM experience

Name: Dominic

Years on team: 4

Sub teams: Build

Hobbies: Volleyball, Tinkering, Designing

Future Plans/Career Goals: For my future, I plan on attending NCCC because I am interested in their Auto CAD and Mechanical Engineering Programs that they offer. After NCCC, I am, not sure which College I would like to attend; only time will tell where I will enroll.

Favorite Memory/ Memories about Robotics: My favorite memory about Robotics was when we traveled to the World’s Competition in April of 2018. The Competition at Detroit, Michigan was a very energetic, positive, and great experience overall that I will cherish.

Reason for joining the team: 

I want to continue my experiences and knowledge in Robotics as I move forwards toward my future career. I also want to learn more about specific engineering processes.
Goal for the year: To have a safe and positive year for Robotics. I want to have successful outcomes at our future competitions, and I want to try out to be the driver for our Robotics Team. Ever since I was a Freshman on the team, I’ve always had an interest in driving the robot and learning the controls that operate it.

Name: Sean

Years on team: 4

Sub teams: Strategy and Head of Scouting 

Hobbies: Soccer, Computer Technology, Auto Mechanics

Future Plans/Career Goals: Attending GCC for Computer Information Technology

Favorite Memory/Memories about Robotics: Laughing really hard at Golden Corral with Shawn and Tyler.

Reason for joining the team: To take part in the Scouting team again.

Goals for the year: Win both of our regionals, and go to Worlds again