Meet Our Team! – Seniors


Years on team: 3

Sub teams:Programming

Reason(s) for Joining Current Sub-Team(s): I did it the last two years, plus it’s fun

Hobbies: Music production, Vinyl collecting, Modding various devices, and using outdated technology on purpose

Future Plans/ Career Goals: Go to college for computer science, and hopefully get into game design

Why are you on the Team: I love helping out where I can and the people I meet

What Type of Pasta Noodle Describes You Best: Rotelle, because I’m on a roll


Years on team: 4

Sub teams: Build

Reason(s) for Joining Current Sub-Team(s): I enjoy working on projects by hand and building a physical structure

Hobbies: Boy Scouts, guitar, camping, building stuff and working on my car

Future Plans/ Career Goals: Ranger or Union masonry

Goals for this Year: I Truely enjoy making a idea come to life and be able to claim pride for such a awesome project

What Of Pasta Are You : Wheel because i enjoy being on the move