Warlocks in Quarantine

Ever since we tearfully left the Finger Lakes Regional, the Warlocks have missed robotics and the community it creates. While we were grateful to compete at the Miami Valley Regional, and ultimately win the Creativity Award, we missed having the competition with our local friendly teams in Rochester.

However, just because the season did not end, as usual, doesn’t mean the Warlocks are alone. Our seniors have crafted their senior speeches, waiting to read them to one another when we can all meet again. Our head mentors have been diligently working on creating a virtual banquet to honor the team’s accomplishments this year, as well as recognize our Dean List’s and Woodie Flowers nominees.

The Warlocks, even though we cannot see each other, are still the community we’ve always been. We hope you and your loved ones are staying safe during these challenging times and reaching out to those communities who support you. 

During the 2021 season, the team in quarantine participated in Game Changer. Team 1507 performed well in a virtual game design process and an innovation project called The Kit of Fit. Students met virtually online weekly. Programming classes and CAD classes ran throughout the season. Team 1507 was very happy with the participation of all the team members.  

Katie 05/16/2020