Build Season Week 4 Update 2020

On Saturday, the Warlocks had its first scouting meeting. Just as every year our scouts watched a PowerPoint presentation, run by our scouting mentor Adam. After the presentation, the scouts had to take a test to see what they learned from the presentation. In the next few weeks, there will be a second scouting test that is geared toward the game. The scouts will use the information they learn to scout robots at our competitions.

During the week, our CAD team worked on designing the climber and shooter for our robot. They have been working as quickly and efficiently as possible, in order to get parts to the build team. The programmers accomplished a lot throughout the week. They have written the controls for the robot, along with starting to write and test our autonomous code. They have also started to wire the electronics control board, and started programming the color an light sensors. In the shop, the build kids have been assembling the major parts of our robot. During the week they put together the drive train, intake, shooter,  climber, and the component of our robot that will allow us to hold multiple power cells at a time.

Over the week, the PR team has submitted Chairman’s and has started to create this years video for the award. 

Lacie 02/04/2020