About The Warlocks Web Site

Since 2005, the Warlocks have had a website. We won many awards for our site design over the years, but recently, FIRST has discontinued the Website Award and replaced it with a Media Award that encompasses many other areas, but is only awarded at the Championship level. Because of that, we have decided to focus our website on promoting the team and communicating with our community and stop building an entirely new site each year.

The site makes use of a CMS system, WordPress, for managing the content of this website. This allows quickly adding and editing content and news to the site from a web browser simply enough that almost anyone can do it.

We have upgraded and organized our photo collection, now using Zenphoto. With over 7000 photos from all our 13-year history, it’s a part of the site we are proud of for it’s historical record of the team.

We encourage our Warlocks family to interact by using both our Facebook page and Group, or following us and sending tweets out to @Warlocks1507 or #FRC1507 on Twitter. We also have an Instagram page.

We also make use of Google Calendar for a central schedule of events and have it integrated into this site.

Currently, the Web Team consists of a small handful of students. The Web Team Mentor is Adam Stockton.  He is responsible for maintaining the Content Management System and the website templates. He also provides assistance to the Web Team when they need it. Al Gritzmacher also donates the domain and server that the website is located on.