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About Team 1507, The Warlocks

The Warlocks are a group of students, teachers, parents, and mentors engaged in the competitive robotics competition known as First Robotics Competition or FRC. The FRC program was developed by Dean Kamen, the inventor famous for creating the Segway and a number of other products and is operated by FIRST Inc.

The program is designed to engage students, young adults, in an exciting and interesting way, using a sport model for it’s competitive aspect. The underlying goal is to promote creative thinking, problem solving and scientific process and to have them learn in a hands-on environment while working with Mentors from education and industry. A long term goal is to have students go on to study Science and Engineering in post-secondary education and to bring their knowledge into play to benefit their community and society.

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Warlocks History

In 2003, the local GM components plant had been sponsoring a number of FIRST teams across the country, including Team 378, The Circuit Stompers, in Newfane NY. As a major sponsor of FIRST, they wanted to start more teams and approached teachers at Lockport High School about forming a team.

It was decided to begin small by inviting several students and teachers to the nearby Newfane team. For two years, a core group of students and teachers participated as part of the Circuit Stompers and had two successful season while learning how a FIRST team works.

In 2005, a team application was processed and we became Team 1507. What had been one team, now was two, both sponsored by GM. We remain close with the Circuit Stompers to this day, often cooperating in activities with them.

In our first year, we came out of the gates full speed, winning Top Rookie honors at a regional in Annapolis, MD and nearly winning the first Fingerlakes Regional at RIT. We attended the Championships in Atlanta and were recognized as a strong Rookie team, but didn’t win it all.

In the seasons since then, we have had our ups and downs, but we’ve never had a really bad year. We have always put out a competitive robot. We’ve won regionals; we’ve won Championship Divisions; and we’ve won many awards recognizing some aspect of our team.

Our real success, though is just beginning to show fruit. Students from past teams have now gone through college, entered careers, are raising families and are productive members of our community. Many are now coming back to the team as Mentors and passing on their experience and enthusiasm.

Team Milestones

2005 – Finger Lakes Regional Silver Medalists
2005 – Chesapeake Regional Rookie All-Stars
2005 – Chesapeake Regional Highest Rookie Seed
2005 – Championships Galileo Division Highest Ranked Rookie Team
2005 – Web Site Excellence Award
2005 – Delphi Golden Gear Award (Best Delphi-Sponsored Team)
2006 – Website Excellence Award
2008 – Finger Lakes Regional Quarter-Finalist
2008 – Finger Lakes Regional (#1 Alliance Captains)
2008 – Greater Toronto Regional (#3 Alliance Captains)
2008 – Greater Toronto Regional Silver Medalists
2009 – General Motors Industrial Design Award
2009 – Finger Lakes Regional Gold Medalist
2009 – BRNY Cup Winner (Top Upstate NY Team)
2009 – Philadelphia Regional Semi-Finalist
2009 – Championships Newton Division Champion (#5 Alliance Captain)
2010 – Excellence in Design Award sponsored by Autodesk (Category II)
2011 – Pittsburgh Regional Best Web Site Award
2011 – Pittsburgh Regional Coopertition Award
2011 – Pittsburgh Regional Silver Medalists
2012 – Finger Lakes Regional Gold Medalists (#1 Alliance Captain)
2012 – BRNY Cup Winner (Top Upstate NY Team)
2012 – Buckeye Regional Best Website Award
2012 – Buckeye Regional Xerox Creativity Award
2012 – Buckeye Regional Gold Medalists (#1 Alliance Captain)
2012 – Championships Curie Division Quarter Finalist
2013 – Finger Lakes Regional Creativity Award sponsored by Xerox
2013 – Buckeye Regional Silver Medalists
2013 – Buckeye Regional Quality Award sponsored by Motorola
2014 – Buckeye Regional Semifinalist
2014 – Buckeye Regional GM Industrial Design Award
2014 – Buckeye Regional Dean’s List Finalist (Michael Primerano)
2014 – Finger Lakes Regional Winner
2014 – BRNY Cup Winner (Top Upstate NY Team)
2015 – Pittsburgh Regional Semifinalist
2015 – Finger Lakes Regional Semifinalist
2015 – Finger Lakes Innovation in Control Award
2016 – Greater Pittsburgh Regional Semifinalist
2016 – Finger Lakes Regional Quarter Finalist
2017 – Finger Lakes Regional Finalist
2017 – Buckeye Regional Semifinalist
2018 – Finger Lakes Regional Winner
2018 – Finger Lakes Regional Creativity Award sponsored by Xerox
2018 – Buckeye Regional (#7 Alliance Captain)
2018 – Championships Carson Division (#6 Alliance Pick #3)
2019 – Finger Lakes Regional Semifinalist
2019 – Buckeye Regional Quarter Finalist (#6 Alliance Captain)
2020 – Miami Valley Regional Creativity Award sponsored by Xerox
2020 – Finger Lakes Regional Dean’s List Finalist (Andrew Hildreth)
2021 – Ra Cha Cha Ruckus Best Autonomous Award
2022 – Ra Cha Cha Ruckus Deadheads Award and Most Creative Award
2023 – Finger Lakes Regional Finalist (#7 Alliance Captain)