Meet Our Team! – Juniors



Years on team: 3

Sub teams: Build and Scouting

Hobbies: Swim, Cross Country, Boy Scouts

Future Plans/ Career Goals: Attend RIT for mechanical engineering

Favorite Memory/Memories about Robotics: Worlds was an amazing experience and unforgettable. I did not only have a great time but it was an experience in itself to bond closer with the team.

Reason(s) for Joining the Team: The experience, memories, and friendships that you get on the team.

Goals for this Year: To win worlds




Years on team: 2

Sub teams: Build

Hobbies: Hockey, Golf, Tennis

Future Plans/Career Goals: To go to college for mechanical engineering.

Favorite Memory/Memories about Robotics: The Buckeye Regional, staying in the hotel with friends I made on the team, along with being able to walk around the pits.

Reason(s) for Joining the Team: To further my knowledge in the technology field.

Goals for this Year: To further my knowledge of technology, and have a fun time building this year’s robot.




Years on team: 3

Sub teams: CAD

Hobbies: Playing drums, Lego’s, and video games

Future Plans/ Career Goals: To become a mechanical engineer or design engineer.

Favorite Memory/Memories about Robotics: Eating with everyone after a long day of working on Saturdays.

Reason(s) for Joining the Team: To learn new things, meet new people, and hopefully gain a scholarship.

Goals for this Year: To transfer over to the CAD team and help out with as much as I can.




Years on team: 3

Sub teams: Programming annd Electrical

Hobbies: Golf, Airsoft, PC building

Future Plans/ Career Goals: Electrical engineer

Favorite Memory/Memories about Robotics: My first year after I got comfortable talking to everyone.

Reason(s) for Joining the Team: I like learning all the new things that this team has to offer.

Goals for this Year: To contribute everything I can to the team.




Years on team: 1

Sub teams: CAD

Hobbies: Drawing, Reading and gaming

Future Plans/ Career Goals: Become a CSI agent

What do you hope to learn on the team?: How to work with people efficiently 

Reason(s) for Joining the Team: I wanted to break out of my shell.

Goals for this Year: Learn to work to solve problems with others and manage my time well.