Build Season Week 6 Update 2019

In week 6, the team is working to finish the final aspects of our robot, Buzz Lightyear! 

Although Build isn’t completely done on Buzz, they are close to finishing the final few things that aren’t done. This year our robot was a little overweight, so Build has been working on the best way to make weight. They have however handed Buzz off to the programmers, so they can start doing what they do best. The programmers have started to work on our autonomous code, to help us during the Sandstorm period.

We have set up half a field in the high school’s cafeteria so our drivers can get in some practice before the season starts. On Sunday, some team members are heading to the Rochester Rally, to observe the different teams, and get an idea of how the games are going to go.

The Warlocks would like to thank all of the teachers, mentors, parents, sponsors, and the students that struggled through Build Season, and helped to make this possible.

Lacie 02/16/2019