Meet Our Team! – Sophomores


Name: Ben

Years on team: 2

Sub teams: Programming and Electrical

Hobbies: Swimming, Video games, Music

Future Plans/ Career Goals: Electrical Engineer or Sound Engineer

Favorite Memory/Memories about Robotics: Playing games with my friends in the Cleveland hotel room

Reason(s) for Joining the Team: To learn electrical and programming skills

Goals for this Year: To expand my knowledge of C++

Name: Lacie

Years on team: 2

Sub teams: Public Relations and Awards

Hobbies: Lacrosse, Golf, Band

Future Plans/Career Goals: To go to College 

Favorite Memory/Memories about Robotics: Going to the Buckeye Regional last year

Reason(s) for Joining the Team: To gain more knowledge about STEM

Goals for this Year: To do good at our competitions

Name: Nick

Years on team: 2

Sub teams: Build

Hobbies: Swimming, Gaming, Wood carving

Future Plans/ Career Goals: Go to R.I.T for mechanical engineering

Favorite Memory/Memories about Robotics: The meme door, building Buzz, and chicken nugget Sunday

Reason(s) for Joining the Team: I love building and making friends 

Goals for this Year: Win, have fun, and make more friends