Warlocks 2015 Robot Reveal


2015 Robot BNOn February 16, 2015, The Warlocks held a press conference and Robot Revealing at our school, Lockport High School. Channel 2 News and The Buffalo News were invited to document our reveal. Reporters were taken by surprise that high school students were capable of making such a complex robot in a limited time. Channel 2 News interviewed Warlocks President James Rogowski and took incredible footage of the robot constructing stacks of totes.

While The Buffalo News was here, we took a group photo and spread the word of FIRST. The reporter was very interested in what we have done, after our robot successfully made a little more than a dozen stacks of 6 totes. A few of our stacks were topped off with a container and a few with a container and a noodle! We were very pleased with the minimal amount of errors with our robot and are looking forward to our first competition.

admin 02/17/2015