Pittsburgh Webcast and Results


The webcast for the Greater Pittsburgh regional will be available on the blue alliance, along with many other websites (a list that seems on growing larger and larger each year). Thebluealliance.com is probably the most reliable source, and the direct link is listed below.


Match Schedule and Results:

There are many different sources for match schedules and results, but the only official source is from FIRST themselves. FIRST has overhauled there event pages dramatically this year, and they can be accessed at the links below. Like anything new, FIRST experienced some technical difficulties with populating these brand new pages with match data this past weekend. Those issues should be fixed, but it is possible that these pages won’t be working as expected this coming weekend. If that happens, make sure to check our website for updates on our progress throughout the day.

Practice Match Schedule
Qualification Schedule (and results)
Playoff Alliances, Schedule, and Results

admin 03/04/2015