New Website Launched

Welcome to the new website of the Warlocks, Team 1507. This new website, although it looks the same, is actually radically different under the hood. The warlocks web team has implemented what is called a content management system, which is a software package that manages the content on our site. Once we finish updating and adding pages to our new CMS, this site will be given a new design.

wordpress-historyThis new website is utilizing the open source project called WordPress as its content management system. WordPress is a powerful blogging and content management system software that is becoming increasingly popular within the web development community. It allows website editors, administrators, and contributors to create and edit blog posts and web pages without any knowledge of HTML or any other programming languages. To learn more, please visit

The web team is excited for this new chapter in our websites history. We hope that this site will grow and evolve, rather than being scrapped at the end of each year. The web team is currently seeking help from the members of the Warlocks to help improve this site.

admin 01/21/2015