Pittsburgh Webcast and Results


The webcast for the Greater Pittsburgh regional will be available on the blue alliance, along with many other websites (a list that seems on growing larger and larger each year). Thebluealliance.com is probably the most reliable source, and the direct link is listed below.


Match Schedule and Results:

There are many different sources for match schedules and results, but the only official source is from FIRST themselves. FIRST has overhauled there event pages dramatically this year, and they can be accessed at the links below. Like anything new, FIRST experienced some technical difficulties with populating these brand new pages with match data this past weekend. Those issues should be fixed, but it is possible that these pages won’t be working as expected this coming weekend. If that happens, make sure to check our website for updates on our progress throughout the day.

Practice Match Schedule
Qualification Schedule (and results)
Playoff Alliances, Schedule, and Results

admin 03/04/2015

Warlocks Attending The Pittsburgh Regional

pittsburgh_2013The Warlocks will be competing in the Greater Pittsburgh regional from March 5th-7th. This is the first of two regional events that the team will be competing for a spot at the World Championship in St. Louis.

The event is located here:
Convocation Center
California University of Pennsylvania
California, PA 15419
March 4-7, 2015

Travel Itinerary
Our Itinerary for the trip and any other important info can be found here.

Match Schedule and Results
Match Schedule
Match Results
*Note* Links may not be active before the event starts

admin 02/20/2015

Warlocks 2015 Robot Reveal


2015 Robot BNOn February 16, 2015, The Warlocks held a press conference and Robot Revealing at our school, Lockport High School. Channel 2 News and The Buffalo News were invited to document our reveal. Reporters were taken by surprise that high school students were capable of making such a complex robot in a limited time. Channel 2 News interviewed Warlocks President James Rogowski and took incredible footage of the robot constructing stacks of totes.

While The Buffalo News was here, we took a group photo and spread the word of FIRST. The reporter was very interested in what we have done, after our robot successfully made a little more than a dozen stacks of 6 totes. A few of our stacks were topped off with a container and a few with a container and a noodle! We were very pleased with the minimal amount of errors with our robot and are looking forward to our first competition.

admin 02/17/2015

New Website Launched

Welcome to the new website of the Warlocks, Team 1507. This new website, although it looks the same, is actually radically different under the hood. The warlocks web team has implemented what is called a content management system, which is a software package that manages the content on our site. Once we finish updating and adding pages to our new CMS, this site will be given a new design.

wordpress-historyThis new website is utilizing the open source project called WordPress as its content management system. WordPress is a powerful blogging and content management system software that is becoming increasingly popular within the web development community. It allows website editors, administrators, and contributors to create and edit blog posts and web pages without any knowledge of HTML or any other programming languages. To learn more, please visit wordpress.org

The web team is excited for this new chapter in our websites history. We hope that this site will grow and evolve, rather than being scrapped at the end of each year. The web team is currently seeking help from the members of the Warlocks to help improve this site.

admin 01/21/2015


Robot drivers
Members of the Warlocks control a bubble-blowing robot

The Warlocks are wowing crowds of robotics fans with our bubble-blowing robot. Part of the Buffalo Museum of Sciences ‘Bubblefest,’ we were invited to participate by building and demonstrating a robot that blows soap bubbles. We answered the challenge.

Update: After a full day with a steady stream of very interested observers,, young and old alike, Bubblefest has ended for the Warlocks. We had a great time and with all those soap bubbles, now have the cleanest robot we have ever had!

Thanks to the museum for inviting us and we are glad to be part of your festival.

admin 12/31/2014