Meet Our Team! – Juniors


Name: Lexi

Years on team: 3

Sub teams: Build

Hobbies: Diving, band, chorus, pole vault

Future Plans/ Career Goals: To become a biomedical engineer

Favorite Memory/Memories about Robotics: Playing card games in hotel rooms and getting closer with my team mates.

Reason(s) for Joining the Team: I have always enjoyed building and strategizing on previous robotics teams, so joining this team seemed like a great idea.

Goals for this Year: I want to improve my building skills.


Name: Jared

Years on team: 3

Sub teams: Electrical and Programming

Hobbies: Reading, Playing games on the PS4, Playing the saxophone for band, Youth Group/Handbell Choir at my church

Future Plans/ Career Goals: I plan on going to a 4 year college and probably pursuing a major in Computer Engineering.

Favorite Memory/Memories about Robotics: My 2 favorite memories about robotics are winning a FLL regional in 6th grade, and having so much success at our two FRC regionals last year. Both atmospheres were exciting, and they fueled my passion for robotics.

Reason(s) for Joining the Team: I wanted to continue with robotics because it is an exciting, competitive, and meaningful after-school activity. It has helped me make lots of new friends in high school, and it has shown me a possible career path. I enjoyed it a lot in middle school, so I wanted to learn even more in the programming field to hopefully win our competitions!

Goals for this Year: I hope to be a good co-head programmer, continue to learn more, and reach the FRC Championship in Detroit!


Name: Kate

Years on team: 3

Sub teams: Scouting and Website

Hobbies: Swimming, Track, and Band

Future Plans/ Career Goals: Glass/Ceramic Engineer

Favorite Memory/Memories about Robotics: My favorite memory is watching Friends with Lexi and Faith at midnight in Cleveland.

Reason(s) for Joining the Team: I have been doing robotics since 6th grade and I really enjoy the team experience.

Goals for this Year: I hope to not screw up during alliance selection.


Name: Bethany

Years on team: 3

Sub teams: Build

Hobbies: Girl Scouts, tennis, and band

Future Plans/ Career Goals: Go to college, other than that I have no idea.

Favorite Memory/Memories about Robotics: Eating 11 muffins in one day during competition

Reason(s) for Joining the Team: I’ve done robotics all my life and I wanted to continue through high school.

Goals for this Year: I want to apply myself more and have a bigger impact on the team.


Name: Mary

Years on team: 3

Sub teams: Awards and Public Relations

Hobbies: Robotics, band, and taking naps

Future Plans/ Career Goals: A science field of some sort with engineering thrown in there

Favorite Memory/Memories about Robotics: Making it to semifinals my freshman year

Reason(s) for Joining the Team: Teasing other teammates like they are my siblings

Goals for this Year: To further my skills in multiple fields


Name: Quinn

Years on team: 2

Sub teams: CAD

Hobbies: Soccer, Sleeping, Listening to Music

Future Plans/ Career Goals: Engineer

Favorite Memory/Memories about Robotics: Going to FLR at RIT.

Reason(s) for Joining the Team: It will help me to learn more info about engineering.

Goals for this Year: Helping design a good robot in CAD.


Name: Abigail

Years on team: 1

Sub teams: Build

Hobbies: Writing, drawing, and listening to music

Future Plans/ Career Goals: At the moment I would like to major in history, but I don’t know what career what to pursue just yet.

Favorite Memory/Memories about Robotics: I don’t yet have any memories with this team yet but I know and hope I’ll make some this year.

Reason(s) for Joining the Team: I want to contribute to something meaningful which I believe robotics is, I also want to learn more about working with my peers to accomplish important goals.

Goals for this Year: Find out more about myself as far as skills and see what this experience has to offer and influence in my choosing my career path.


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