This Year’s Game: FIRST Steamworks

The details of the 2017 game were fully disclosed on January 7, 2017. Watch the full game reveal broadcast here.


Skip straight to the Game Animation below.  

This page contains frequently updated links to various resources about the game.

You may also find the Field Tour Videos Playlist on YouTube helps to explain the game as well.



Watch FIRST Steamworks Live Online

Many FIRST Steamworks Regional and District competitions are webcast as they happen each week from March 3 through April 7. The competitions are usually shown on Friday and Saturday, although some 2-day competitons are Thursday and Friday. A list of all competitions can be found here.

The Championships are broadcast, as well, Huston on April 19-22 and  St. Louis on April 26-29

The official FIRST Webcasts can be seen here on and on

Many competitions that are not listed on the above broadcasts are independently provided. The Blue Alliance GameDay aggregates all the video feeds that they know about in a convenient multi-panel system that lets you watch several at once. This is our preferred way to watch!

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